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Versatile, affordable, durable make A-frame signs perfect for any occasion

Foot traffic from pedestrians around your store or restaurant in Rochester sometimes needs an extra push to move visitors through your doors. Enter A-frame signs. These foldable, free-standing displays are an ideal choice for retail stores and restaurants, but work just as well for any business or organization that sees consistent foot traffic.

Also called sidewalk signs, sandwich board signs, or easel signs, these signs are defined by their triangular shape. Both sides of the sign can easily be customized with changing messages and your company’s branding.

What are A-frame signs used for?

Though the possibilities for A-frames are endless. They’re a perfect choice for when you need to announce new hours of operation, showcase a daily special, or point customers towards a curbside pick-up location.

A-frame signs are an ideal choice for directing traffic – both on foot and in vehicles – around your property in Rochester. Using these signs for wayfinding can be as simple as a big display that says “this way to the parking lot.” You can also use them to easily display parking policies, relay directions or to guide guests to a specific area.

In retail environments, sidewalk signs have been a popular choice to keep around due to how versatile they are. Use them to highlight sales or special events, or to note new product arrivals. Restaurants in Rochester are also often seen using A-frame signs to showcase daily food or drink specials, happy hour deals and more.

In addition, these types of signs are ideal for conveying important information about your business, such as updated health and safety guidelines or designated pickup areas.

What kind of A-frame signs are there?

At Image360 Rochester, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of customizable A-frame signs. You’re bound to find one that suits your specific needs and stays within your budget. Choose from:

  • Chalkboard A-frames: Working with chalk gives you the ability to quickly change your messaging. Plus, it allows you and your staff to add your own creative flair!
  • Changeable letter boards: These come with a set of letters for you to create your own messaging and update it when needed.
  • Dry-erase signs: Much like chalkboard signs, these allow you the flexibility to change your message whenever you need to.
  • Metal signs: Metal A-frame signs can be made from aluminum or steel, and feature snap-open frames to display posters behind a protective clear lens. This type of sign is a sturdy, durable option that still allows you to change out your graphics as needed.
  • Plastic signs: Another durable choice, plastic A-frame signs are one of the most common picks. Its hardiness makes it a great option for outdoor use.
  • Wet-erase signs: Similar to its dry-erase cousin, this option allows you to change your message when needed. However, wet-erase markers are more durable than dry-erase pens, meaning there’s less of a chance that accidental contact with your sign will smudge your branding.
  • Wind-resistant signs: If your neighborhood is particularly breezy, consider a wind-resistant sidewalk sign for outdoor use. These feature a suspended panel where you can insert your graphic, so your sign will sway while the base remains firmly planted.

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